Scalar Energy
Healthy Habits
Scalar Energy Devices

3-6-9 scalar infused EMF/EMR protection pendants, water/oxygen drops, and colostrum.

Products available at Cleansing Waters and at above link. Medallions from $99-$179, 3.6.9 Axcell-O2 $49,  Colostrum $85


Young Living
Young Living Essential Oils

A source for high quality essential oils,nutiritional products, body care, and cleaning products

Select products and oils are for sale at Cleansing Waters or order online.

Olive Gold
Olive Gold O3
Super Oxygen for your Entire Body!

Moisturizes, enriches and nourishes.  Fights fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-Bacterial  properties can used for various purposes, that may help to soothe the following conditions: Acne, Sunburn, Sun Spots, Chapped Lips, Cuts/Wounds, Burns Nail Fungus, Diaper Rash, Eczema, Arthritis-type Pain

Available at Cleansing Waters. 4oz $48,  2oz $28 and .27 oz refillable purse size $7

Whole woman products
Whole Woman Inc.

Helping Women Successfully Manage Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Urinary Incontinence, and Chronic Hip Pain Without Dangerous Surgery so They Can Live Full, Active Lives.

Available at Cleansing Waters or online

Anion 7948
Winalite Global Co.
LOVE MOON Sanitary Napkins

When it comes to meeting the wishes for women’s peace of mind, quality and hygiene, Winalite International comes up with a product that not only meets their sanitary needs, but goes above and beyond with additional benefits including the additional Anion enhancements.

Samples and Product available at Cleansing Waters or on-line at link above.

Pangea Products
Pangea Organics
Beauty Unpolluted

100% organic, non-GMO, food-based skin and body care.

Available at Cleansing Waters or order on-line


Revitalizing Medicine

A pioneer in BioEnergetic medicine, Energetix offers the finest in homeopathic, botanical and nutritional products.

Entire Line of Energetix products are available at Cleansing Waters Wellness Center

BodyEcology 7847
Body Ecology Diet


Whole woman products
Whole Woman Inc.

Helping Women Successfully Manage Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Urinary Incontinence, and Chronic Hip Pain Without Dangerous Surgery so They Can Live Full, Active Lives

Available at Cleansing Waters or online

Herbal Aloe
Herbal Aloe Force
"Live"  Raw  Whole

A unique 'Live'-Aloe maximizes the biological delivery of it's own profound properties as well as these powerful herbs:  The "Essiac" Herbs, Cat's Claw Herb, Astragalus, Pau d'Arco, Chamomile, Hawthorne Berry
All Aloe Products available at Cleansing Waters. Herbal Aloe Force only $29 per 32oz bottle.

Marca Pharma
Marco Pharma
Specialists in Drainage Remedies

Marco Pharma is recognized for its fine German remedies that are only available by trained health professionals. 

Entire line is available at Cleansing Waters and are tested for as part of the Bio-energetic Assessment.  

Ohhira's Probiotics
Professional Formula

A Very Potent Professional Formula of twelve strands of beneficial LIVE lactic acid bacteria are fermented together for five years. its whole food matrix nourishes both nourishes both supplemental probiotics and the individual's own inherent friendly bacteria.
Available at Cleansing Waters in 30 ct ($38) and 60 ct ($68) 

Alka Viva  Systems
Alkaline Ionized Water

More hydrating, improved pH balance, reduced joint pain.  

Cleansing Waters can assist you in purchasing a water system based on your needs and budget.  Or you may purchase gallons of water at our offices for just $3 per gallon!

skinny oil
Skinny Coconut Oil

Skinny&Co’s 100% pure coconut oil comes from a lush, remote jungle naturally protects our extra virgin coconuts from any pesticides or fertilizers. Perfect for daily oil pulling.

Click here to access guides and ideas to oil pulling, health benefits, smoothie recipes, and more! Or do you know your way around the health market? See new uses here

Available at Cleansing Waters. 16oz $27 and 2oz $6

Drucker Labs
IntraMax and IntraKid

415+ ingredients all-in-one ounce, 71 organically-bound trace minerals

Available at Cleansing Waters.  IntraMax $75, IntraKid $55


HTE Americas
SOQI Energy Equipment

HTE's  "SOQI Total Health Management" Plan uses a multi-energy approach of modern technology and eastern theories. Products include chi machine, e-poer, ERE, Hot House and SOQI Spa and nutritional products.

All energy therapies can be experienced at Cleansing Waters and staff can assist you with purchasing these devices.

Branch Basics
Safe Soap Simplifies

Branch Basics
Safe Soap That Simplifies Your Life

Non-Toxic Cleaning soap that is free of ammonia, clorine bleach, SLS, Enocrine Disrupters & Phosphates.

Available at Cleansing Waters Wellness Center.