Bio-Energetic Analysis

Energy Therapies,
Foot Spa Detox

  • Scheduling:  Each Energy Sessions range from 15 minutes - 30 minutes.
  • Print and Complete:   Energy Session Questionnaire
  • Preparation for Foot Spa:  Do not wear oils or lotions on feet the day of your Ionic Foot Spa.
  • Preparation for SOQI Spa:  The SOQI SPA is warm and we recommend that you have a light cotton t-shirt to wear and avoid heavy jeans.


We are privileged that you have made a decision to use our services as part of your cleansing and healing journey.  Below are some helpful tips to help you on your way. 
  • Please fill out the paperwork that was sent to your email upon booking your appointment.
  • We require a credit card when scheduling your appointment to reserve your appointment. It will not be charged until you receive your service.

  • Cancellations are required 24 hours prior to your appointment by a telephone call. Emails are not an accepted form of cancellation. We reserve the right to charge your credit card a late cancellation fee.

  • Please be hydrated the day of your service.  That means drinking lots water a couple days before as well.

  • Please avoid all perfumes, fragrances and aftershaves in our office as we have many very sensitive clientele.

  • We are not doctors. We do not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. We will guide you in discovering healthy practices to help your body cleanse and come back into balance more naturally.