Need A Recharge Your Internal Batteries??


Studies show that people who live in the plateaus and highlands of Russia, Pakistan, and Ecuador, which contain the most negative energy potentials and negative ions, have the greatest longevity. Why is this? Negative ions are invisible molecules that are abundant in natural environments, such as mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. In the bloodstream, negative ions produce biochemical reactions that increase serotonin levels, alleviating depression and stress and boosting vitality.

We can achieve the negative ion energy charge experienced by the people of these remote highlands by using E-Power, which generates 70,000 times per second of high-frequency negative potential energy.

Benefits of E-Power:

  • Clearer mental performance, focus, and concentration
  • Improved detoxification
  • Reduced inflammation and pain from muscle tension, leg cramps, and spasms
  • Improved metabolism
  • Decreased cellulite and fat cells for contouring and slimming
  • Improved oxygen levels
  • Improved digestion and nutrient uptake
  • Increased nerve regeneration (1998, University Gottingen)
  • Stronger muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments
  • Reduced stress by balancing adrenals

What to Expect

During a 30-minute session you will be comfortably seated with feet slightly elevated. A “belt” is placed around your waist, and the E-Power session begins. You will feel nothing out of the ordinary during the session. A glass of water one hour before and after is necessary for optimal benefits.



How does it work?

As the E-Power increases the temperature of the subcutaneous skin, negative potential energy spreads throughout the body, creating a balanced electrical field. The energy produced by E-Power balances the functions of positively charged ions and negatively charged ions on both sides of the cell membrane. This promotes a faster metabolism and helps to build immunity. However, the E-Power does not heal in and of itself; rather, it is a powerful enhancement to the immune system to do its job to heal the body.

Why do we need to increase negative potential energy?

Children who are healthy experience 70-90 mill volts of energy in the cells. However, our electric potential decreases with age and exposure to electronic devices. This reduction of electric potential can cause illness. When we are sick and tired, our electric potential falls to 60 mill volts. A body with cancer or chronic disease experiences only 15 mill volts of energy.

What is ATP?

Intracellular ATP (adenosine triphospate) is an energy-carrying molecule in the cell. Intracellular ATP is what our bodies require to produce energy. Insufficient ATP leads to low cellular energy and conditions in which toxins and waste within the cell membrane cannot be discharged, nor can outside nutrients enter. Over time, this causes imbalanced blood ph, decline in organ productivity, and disease. To promote healthy cells, we recommend using the E-Power regularly to enhance intracellular ATP and better prepare our body to receive the benefits of the Chi Machine, HotHouse and ERE. [WOULD BE GOOD TO HYPERLINK THESE TO THEIR PAGES.]

What causes our electric potential to decrease?

We are exposed daily to positive potential energy from our electrical devices, such as computers and cell phones, concrete, and electrical wires. This over-exposure to positively charged ions weakens and inhibits the natural processes of our cells.

How does the E-Power assist in relieving constipation and other digestive problems?

Negative potential energy from the E-Power stimulates cells and can reactivate the enzymes of ATP. It increases the uptake of nutrients, which promotes elimination. Further, the E-Power encourages an environment in which healthy digestive bacteria proliferate.

How does the E-Power help with weight loss and improve skin?

E-Power helps unblock the body’s energy channels and accelerates the process of fat burning. It can strengthen the skin and firm the figure of the face, showing a reduction of fat below the chin. The influx of negative ions improves skin metabolism and the ability to receive oxygen. These actions are accelerated when using a collagen mask or a slimming wrap from It Works!®

How long has the E-Power been in use and where was it developed?

E-Power has been used in Japan for more than 20 years. It was designed using modern technology, such as Universal Medicine, biology of micro molecules, and electronics. Invented by Yiteng Xianzhi of Japan, it was recommended by famous specialists in well-known Japanese medical universities, where they saw notable results in improving organ function and decreasing disease with E-Power.

How often can I use the E-Power?

There is no strict norm of use, and it can be safely be used daily. At Cleansing Waters, the E-Power is used to improve and better prepare the body to receive the many benefits of the SOQI Spa, ERE, and Ionic Foot Spa. E-Power facials are also offered – a noticeable improvement in skin texture, hydration and firmness is achieved in just one session.

Can the E-Power be purchased for home use? 

Yes! Call Cleansing Waters office at 317-259-0796 for current pricing and specials.

Pricing Options

30 minute session - $20

Intro 1 Month Unlimited Energy (SOQI, TESLA, ERE) Sessions -$150

Healthy Vibrant Cell

Low Energy Cell

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