Aquavida Ionic Foot Detox


Did you know there are more than 6000 sweat glands on a pair of feet? AquaVida uses the feet as a conduit to improve one’s overall health by unblocking vital energy pathways and eliminating toxins through the sweat glands on the feet.

If we don’t eliminate toxins, they are stored in fatty tissue, joints, muscles, and the brain. These toxins can clog cell membrane walls, which are then unable to absorb enough nutrition to support normal cell functioning. Over time, this leads to reduced vitality and weakened immune and lymphatic systems.

The AquaVida detoxification process helps the body regain balance, improve pH, and boost energy levels.

Benefits of Aquavida Ionic Foot Detox:

  • Helps restore the normal, natural pathways of toxin elimination of toxins(kidneys and bowels)
  • Increased metabolism
  • Balanced pH levels
  • Detoxification of heavy metals
  • Improved circulation and lymph movement
  • Increased energy levels



What happens during a session?

The comfortable AquaVida experience begins by placing your feet in a basin of warm water with salt and a specially designed bio-energetic array. After the array is turned on, the water changes color as impurities are released through the feet. The 30-minute sessions end with the application of oxygen-rich, Olive Gold O3 that is enhanced with essential oils. We also offer ionized water and trace mineral support during the session. You also may use our pH strips to test your saliva pH before and after the session. To enhance your detox experience, we suggest a 30 minute ERE session prior to the AquaVida foot spa. Special Packages are offered.

What will I experience?

Each person’s experience is unique. Much depends on one’s level of toxicity. After just five or six sessions, most customers report “subtle,” “quiet” changes in the way they feel including: increased overall vigor, improved feelings of well being, sharpened cognition, positive moods, and reduced joint pain. “I just wake up brighter,” says one client.

Some clients report these feelings after their first session. Some people feel tired after a session, which can be the result of the immune and lymphatic system processing an extra load of stored toxins. Other clients feel their energy levels rejuvenated, while others feel nothing. Many women note that they have a better night’s sleep. Occasionally, clients state they have a metal taste in their mouths. Others have stated they felt an increase in their metabolism with corresponding reductions in weight and cellulite.

What waste products are expelled by the sweat glands in the feet?

The feet expel what is called eccrine sweat from the eccrine sweat glands on the soles of the feet. Eccrine sweat is composed primarily of water with various salts, heavy metals, and organic compounds in solution. It is a filtrate of plasma, which is a colorless hypotonic solution that includes sodium, chloride, potassium, urea, bicarbonate, ammonia, uric acid, phosphorus, fatty acids, and other metabolic wastes. The AquaVida encourages these wastes to move from the tiny ducts of these glands through the dermis and epidermis and empty directly to the surface of the skin and into the AquaVida foot spa.

How do toxins build up in the body?

We are exposed to more than 500,000 different chemicals that make, lubricate, clean, coat, wrap, and finish the products we use everyday. While our bodies have complex systems to remove toxins – namely the lymphatic system, skin, liver and kidneys – they are no match for this onslaught of heavy metals, minerals, synthetic chemicals, hormones, and waste products present in the water we drink, the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the houses we live in, the air we breathe, and the cosmetics we use.

How does the AquaVida process work?

The key to this system is a special, high-tech array that emits a bio-energetic resonance into the water, which then passes through the pathways of the body via the feet. The feet contain more than 7,200 nerve endings and thousands of eccrine sweat glands. In addition, arteries and veins cross paths in the feet. These factors make the feet a natural gateway for elimination. The AquaVida process makes use of the body’s natural catharsis and works by energizing the water to attract positive and negative ions from both the water and the body. The water in the foot spa stimulates the body and creates a positive effect on the balancing of our well-being. Simply put, the electronic array gives the body’s detoxification system a wake-up call to do its job naturally.

How often should I use the system?

We recommend either once a week for the first six weeks or twice a week for the first three weeks. Sessions should be spaced no closer than once every three days. A maintenance program of one session per month or bi-monthly is often sufficient. You will be able to determine the appropriate maintenance schedule by how you feel. Drink plenty of water during and after your session to keep hydrated. It’s important to always drink sufficient amounts of water daily. Water cleanses the body.

Can anyone use the system?

No. People with the following conditions should not use the foot spa:

1. Pacemakers or a heartbeat regulating device or medicine
2. Organ transplant
3. Psychotic episodes or seizures
3. Epilepsy
5. Pregnant or nursing
6. Uncontrolled Blood pressure problems
7. Open wounds on feet


Will the water change color when there are no feet in the water?

Yes. This is due to the chemical interaction of the water, salt, and the ionic exchange occurring with the array. Part of the color change occurs because of the natural oxidation of the array coil.

Why does the water change color during a session?

Salt, water, the array coil, and sweat combine to affect the water color. This is a normal process. The color will vary according to the chemistry found in the water. The variation of colors is fascinating, but it is the internal effects that are important, not what is happening externally in the water. The color of the water is not the definitive indicator of the session’s impact on the body.

Will it remove medications from my body?

No. Only toxins are removed from the sweat glands in your feet. Vitamins, minerals and medications are not excreted. 

Can I purchase one for my home?

Yes. $595.00 gives you everything you need for 30 sessions. Replacement arrays are available for $59. 

Pricing Options

Single Foot Detox - $50
6 Foot Detox - $245
1 Foot Detox & ERE - $60
BEST VALUE - 6 Foot Detox & ERE - $280